Kinds of Decorative Paper I

- Mar 20, 2018-

Commonly speaking, there are 4 similar types of decorative paper. What is the difference among them? Please follow me. Today I will introduce 2 of them for your reference.

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1 Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is light, tight, smooth and suitable for printing. It has its own coverage and strength. After printing, the base paper of the tissue paper can be painted or not. Polaroid Board is the tissue paper coated with unsaturated polyester resin. After veneered, the tissue paper is called ornate board.


2 Pre-painted Paper

Pre-painted paper is produced in Europe, its weight is 40-200gms. The light pre-painted paper is used for veneer and the heavy one is used for producing skirting. As the pre-painted paper is produced by the special melamine impregnated machine, most of pre-painted paper need import, Guangzhou and Zhejiang in China can produce it. Pre-painted paper is light and wear-resistant, mostly be used for furniture decorative surface producing and increasing for its quantity.

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